Octometrix is changing the game for HR departments. Think of it as your secret tool for boosting employee happiness and security while also hitting those talent management and engagement goals out of the park. It’s all about making smarter decisions with the power of data. Ready to take your HR to the next level? Octometrix is your answer.

in the beginning

Here's how each Products contributes


Data Analysis

Here’s how Octopus can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Consolidated Data Analysis
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics for HR


Connect with employees

Here’s how Octocrm can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Employee Engagement Trends
  • Feedback and Sentiment Analysis
  • Talent Development


Grow your PR

Here’s how Octodigital can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Digital Recruitment Campaigns
  • Employer Branding Enhancement
  • Remote Work Engagement

Vision meets intelligence

Here’s how Octolens can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Instant Insights
  • Employee Behavioral Insights
  • Attendance Automation

easily inform employees 

Here’s how Octomate can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Policies Clarification
  • Feedback Collection
  • Onboarding Assistant
  • Daily Schedule Briefings
  • Meeting Room Bookings
How can Octopus Help

Octopus Analyzes

Forecast HR Success with Predictive Analysis. Anticipate turnover, identify future leaders, and make data-driven decisions to proactively shape your workforce’s future. 

Identify and Bridge Strategic Gaps with our HR Analysis Tool. Pinpoint skill shortages and leadership voids. 

Stay Ahead with HR Trend Analysis. Decode the latest workforce trends, from changing employee behaviors to recruitment dynamics, and strategically align your HR practices for future success.

Heat map updated

Octolens: see the hidden truth

Automated Attendance

Streamlined attendance tracking at your fingertips. Save time, increase accuracy, and boost efficiency.

Employee Heatmap

Visualize work patterns, enhance collaboration, maximize space.

Optimized Workspace Design

Harmonize form and function. Design spaces that inspire productivity and well-being.



Main Office

First Day Onboarding Completed


Main Office

Personality Test Results Uploaded


Paris, France

Attendance Marked: Late Arrival


Paris, France

Email Sentiment Analysis: Happiness Level Detected


Paris, France

Heat Map Interaction: High Activity in Collaboration Areas


Paris, France

Ticket Resolved: Software Installation Request


Paris, France

Annual Health Check-Up Cleared


Paris, France

Manager Evaluation: Exceeds Expectations


OctoDigital: Grow your PR

See what others post for jobs. Compare, improve your listings, check market needs, and get inspired by other descriptions easily.

Leverage LinkedIn and social sentiment analysis to uncover new talent through employee friends’ networks.

Anonymously navigate and benchmark job salaries across companies and explore data from job posting websites.



How does Octometrix enhance employee onboarding?

Octopus streamlines onboarding by automating documentation sharing, scheduling orientation sessions, and providing new hires with a comprehensive introduction to company policies and culture.

Can Octometrix assist with employee performance tracking?

Yes, through comprehensive analytics reports and predictive insights, Octopus allows for real-time tracking of employee performance, identifying areas for development and recognizing high achievers.

How does Octometrix aid in employee engagement surveys?

Octomate, our chatbot, can distribute, collect, and analyze employee engagement surveys, providing HR with actionable insights to enhance workplace satisfaction efficiently.

Can Octometrix help manage leave and absence requests?

Absolutely. Octomate facilitates the submission and approval of leave requests, updates calendars, and notifies relevant parties, making absence management seamless.

How does Octometrix streamline meeting room bookings?

Through Octomate, employees can easily check room availability and book spaces using simple text commands, significantly reducing administrative bottlenecks.

In what ways can Octometrix support our HR policy clarification needs?

Octomate can instantly provide employees with explanations of HR policies, guidelines, and procedural queries, ensuring clarity and compliance.

Is it possible to use Octometrix for recruiting and candidate sourcing optimization?

Indeed, OctoCRM integrates with your existing HR systems to automate candidate sourcing, streamline the application process, and enhance candidate engagement through personalized communication strategies.

Can Octometrix provide insights into labor market conditions?

Through the World Metrix Explorer, HR can access real-time analytics on labor market trends, helping strategize recruitment and understand competitive landscapes.

How does Octometrix contribute to training and development programs?

Octometrix identifies skills gaps through ongoing performance analytics and aligns suitable training programs with employee development needs, promoting career growth and satisfaction.

How can Octometrix help in emergency communication and safety protocol dissemination?

In case of emergencies, Octomate can rapidly disseminate vital information and safety protocols to all employees, ensuring swift, coordinated action and safety.