Octometrix makes handling money and predictions a breeze for our finance team. From sorting out budget forecasts to spotting the best places to cut costs, we’ve got your back. Let’s make those finances simpler and smarter, together.

in the beginning

Here's how each Products contributes

Data Analysis

Here’s how Octopus can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Budget Forecasting
  • Expense Optimization
  • Daily Cash Flow Projections
  • Budget Variance
  • Data Cleansing for Financial Accuracy
  • Profit and Loss and EBITDA Tracking

Understand Customer behavior

Here’s how Octocrm can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Customer Payment Behavior Analysis
  • Financial Customer Relationship Insights
  • Supplier Financial Health Monitoring
  • Churn Prediction for Financial Forecasting

easily inform employees 

Here’s how Octomate can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Real-time Data Access
  • Tax Compliance and Updates
  • Vendor and Customer Communication

See The digital World for the first time

Here’s how Word Metrix Explorer can significantly contribute to your strategies and operations

  • Global Market Financial Opportunities
  • Competitive Financial Benchmarking
  • Economic Trend Analysis for Strategic Planning

We take security, privacy and compliance seriously

Hosted securely, only you can access your data. Not us, not anyone else. 

Your data is hosted on Microsoft Cloud, protected both physically and electronically. Your data is only accessible through your personal password-protected account, and any data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Not even we can access your data!


Octopus Analyzes

Octopus simplifies budgeting, tracks spending, forecasts cash flow daily, and provides precise profit tracking, making your finance tasks way easier.


Budget Forecasting

Helps you predict how much you'll spend and earn. Stay ahead, stress less.


Expense Optimization

Makes sure every dollar works hard, cutting costs without cutting corners.


Daily Cash Flow Projections

See your cash flow daily. No surprises, only smart moves.


Budget Variance

Shows where you overspend or underspend, keeping budgets in check.


Data Cleansing for Financial Accuracy

Keeps your numbers clean so you can trust every report.


Profit and Loss and EBITDA Tracking

Tracks your gains and losses, showing how healthy your finances are.


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Customer Payment Behavior Analysis

Peek into when and how customers like to pay. Make cash flow smoother.

Supplier Financial Health Monitoring

Keep an eye on your suppliers' money health. Say bye to sudden surprises.

Financial Customer Relationship Insights

Get how money discussions impact your customer vibes. Boost those relationships.

Churn Prediction for Financial Forecasting

Guess which customers might leave and plan your money better. Stay steps ahead.


OctoCrm Understand your Customers spending habits

  • Customer Payment Behavior Analysis
  • Financial Customer Relationship Insights
  • Supplier Financial Health Monitoring
  • Churn Prediction for Financial Forecasting
OctoCrm case study

Analyzing payment habits improved cash flow

Payment Habits

Prompt Payment Pattern


Analysis of customer payment patterns over Q4 2022 indicates a group of clients consistently paying within the first week of invoicing.

Identification of Late Payment Trends


OctoCRM identifies a rising trend in late payments from a segment of customers, particularly those in the retail sector, possibly due to seasonal cash flow issues.

Custom Reminder Implementation and Response


Customized payment reminders were sent out based on individual client payment history, leading to a 20% decrease in late payments within the first month of implementation.

Predictive Analysis for Financial Planning


Utilizing predictive analytics, OctoCRM forecasts a 15% increase in delayed payments in the upcoming quarter, prompting preemptive financial planning and customer engagement strategies.


OctoMate: Easy updates to Key Partners

Effortlessly keep your key partners in the loop with only the updates they need to see.

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    Real-time Data Access
  • img
    Tax Compliance and Updates
  • img
    Vendor and Supplier Payment Queries
  • img
    Customer Communication
  • img
    Sentiment Analysis
  • img
    Financial Queries and Education
  • img
    Financial Onboarding for Employees
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    Employee Payroll Inquiries
See the World for the First time

World Metrix Explorer

1. Global Market Opportunities
Discover untapped financial benefits in global markets smartly and quickly.

2. Competitive Financial Benchmarking
Outsmart competitors by benchmarking finances using World Metrix Explorer effortlessly.

3. Economic Trend Analysis
Navigate future financial paths with comprehensive economic trend analysis easily.


How secure is financial data with Octometrix?

Data security is our top priority. We ensure your financial information is protected with the latest encryption and security practices, so you can focus on your finances without worry.

How does Octometrix make financial forecasting easier?

With Octometrix, you don’t need to be a data scientist to understand financial trends. Our tools simplify data from various sources, making it easy to see where your company’s finances might be headed in the future.

Can Octometrix help my company manage expenses better?

Absolutely. By organizing and analyzing your expense data, Octometrix provides clear suggestions on where you can cut costs without cutting corners.

How accurate is financial data managed by Octometrix?

Octometrix employs data cleansing to ensure financial data across systems is accurate and consistent, minimizing errors in financial reporting and analysis.

Can Octometrix monitor financial key performance indicators in real-time?

Yes, Octometrix offers real-time monitoring of financial KPIs, enabling the finance department to make quick, informed decisions based on current financial data.

Is it possible to improve cash flow management with Octometrix?

Yes, indeed. By forecasting and tracking cash flow, Octometrix helps ensure you’re never caught off guard by shortages or surpluses.