“The Future of Hospitality is One Click Away with Octometrix. Whether a hotel or restaurant or Spa, our analytics optimize operations and boost guest satisfaction. Where Hospitality Meets Innovation, your next-level journey begins.”

Customer Relationship Analytics

“Unlock unparalleled insights into guest behavior and preferences with Octometrix’s Customer Relationship Analytics. Elevate service quality and drive repeat business effortlessly.”


Menu Optimization

Elevate culinary offerings by optimizing menu items for profitability through data-driven analysis.

Cash Flow Prediction

Ensure financial stability with accurate, AI-driven cash flow forecasts for effective planning.

Event Profit/Loss Analysis

Maximize event ROI by tracking real-time profit and loss metrics for data-guided decisions.

Finance and Operations Analytics.

Become a “Profit Pioneer” with unparalleled financial insights. Our analytics tool deciphers complex data, helping you make informed decisions that boost profitability and guest satisfaction.

Stock Analytics and Prediction

Monitor stock levels in real-time, use AI for replenishment, minimize wastage, and assess supplier reliability.

Cost Prevention

Identify hidden costs and get automated alerts for anomalies to improve operational efficiency and control variable costs.

Banquet Solutions

Evaluate banquet profitability, optimize revenue with historical data, monitor occupancy, and target profitable customer segments.

Procure Smart

Assess vendor reliability, forecast optimal purchase timing, monitor budget adherence, and evaluate contract value.

Training Impact

Evaluate the efficacy of training programs to ensure they positively impact employee performance.

Up-Sell Metrics

Track the success rate of up-selling strategies to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Engagement ROI

Analyze how employee engagement levels correlate with customer satisfaction and overall business profitability.

Punctuality Audit

Assess how attendance and punctuality influence employee productivity and customer service quality.

Workforce Metrics

Unlock your hospitality business’s full potential with data-driven insights for enhanced employee performance and waste reduction.

  • Employee Metrics
  • Waste and Breakage RCA
  • AI shift Efficiency Planner
  • Time Management Metrics